The Ounce Network

Organizations within the Ounce Network work hard to improve the lives of children


The Ounce partners with the Buffett Early Childhood Fund and other early childhood champions to create Educare schools in communities across the country. Our coast-to-coast network of schools makes certain that financially-disadvantaged young children have the best possible opportunity for success in life.

Our work is not complete until every child has an equal chance to succeed. Educare unites early education professionals, private-sector leaders, policymakers, families and other like-minded champions to improve access to high-quality early childhood education across the country.

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First Five Years Fund – FFYF

The First Five Years Fund is committed to improving the lives of at-risk children through its advocacy of cost-effective investments in early learning. It aims to focus nationwide attention and resources on comprehensive, quality early care and learning programs for children from birth to age five.

The First Five Years Fund seeks to increase the number of policymakers, private foundations and business leaders who believe in the value of supporting young children early, intensively and over time. The goal is to ensure that the interests of at-risk children from birth to age five are included in policy and funding decisions across the country and build additional public/private sector investment in the field of early childhood.

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