Leadership Staff

Our work is guided by the thoughtful direction of our leadership.

Diana Rauner

Diana Rauner is president of the Ounce of Prevention Fund, a public-private partnership that prepares children for success in school and in life. The Ounce believes in starting early to unlock the power of human potential, advancing program and policy efforts interactively to foster systemic change.

Barbara Abel

Assistant Director, Program and Curricula

Alexis Aguilu

Assistant Director, Operations, Educare Learning Network

Susan Ben

Vice President, Information Technology

Rebecca Berlin

Senior Vice President, Quality, Solutions and Impact

Karen Berman

Karen Berman

Director, Illinois Policy

Kristin Bernhard

Senior Vice President, Advocacy & Policy

Alexandra Beygel

Director of Financial Planning and Analysis

Maggie Burton

Assistant Director, Strategic Advancement

Bridget Byville

Director, Foundation Relations

Timothy Callahan

Director, Finance Transformation

Maribel Centeno

Director, Practice Development

Maia Connors

Director, Research and Policy Initiatives

Gosia Dominiak

Controller, Finance

Claire Dunham

Senior Vice President, Programs and Training

Brenda Eiland-Williford

Director, Early Childhood Quality and Impact

Lucinda Fickel

Assistant Director, Strategy and Operations

Ireta Gasner

Vice President, Illinois Policy

Ann Hanson

Vice President, Advancing Quality, QSI Incubation

Anita Harvey-Dixon

Director, Family Engagement

Marsha Hawley

Director, Implementation & Practice Improvement

Mike Hoffman

Chief Operating Officer

Donna Iwanski

Vice President, Finance

Cynthia Jackson

Executive Director, Educare Learning Network

Hanna Kahn

Director, Marketing Educare Learning Network

Ann Kirwan

Vice President, Strategy and Partnerships

Rebecca Klein

Director, Program Development

Brittany Ladd

Chief of Staff

Angela Lampkin

Director, Educare

Daphne Logan

Senior Vice President, People and Culture

Aimee Lorenz

Director, Marketing

Amy Lusk

Vice President, Educare Learning Network

Jane McCarthy

Director, Strategic Advancement

Diana McClarien

Director, Grantee Support Services

Michelen Miller

Assistant Director, Financial Planning and Analysis

Michael-John Myette

Director, Educare Partnerships


Sara Nadig

Assistant Director, Foundation Relations

Debra Pacchiano

Vice President, Translational Research

Andrea Pearson

Director, Educare Practice

Kim Ptak

Vice President, Communications

Tony Raden

Senior Vice President, Research and Policy Initiatives

Judy Reidt-Parker

Assistant Director, National Policy

Jacqueline Robinson

Assistant Director, Educare Chicago Alumni Network

Simone Santiago

Director, Strategy Implementation

Keeley Sorokti

Director, Knowledge Sharing

Amanda Stein

Director, Research and Evaluation

Matthew Sulzen

Assistant Director, Ounce Institute

Mallary Swartz

Director, Family Engagement Research

Mark Valentine

Director, Illinois Birth to Three Institute

Johanna Vetter

Chief Marketing Officer

Margie Wallen

Vice President, National Policy

Whitney Walsh

Assistant Director, Illinois Birth to Three Institute

Nick Wechsler

Director, Program Development

Michael Weinand

Assistant Director, Product Management

Renee Welch

Vice President, Applied Learning

Renee Wheeler

Director of People and Culture

Kanika White McGhee

Director, Innovation

Lauren Wiley

Assistant Director, Professional Development/Programs

Kelly Woodlock

Director, Ounce Institute

April Wozniak

Vice President, Development