Educare Post-Secondary Project

Closing the achievement gap by supporting the education of low-income parents

A mother’s education level is one of the most significant determinants of her child’s success in school. To better understand what prevents many low-income parents from achieving their full academic potential, the Ounce of Prevention Fund studied supports and barriers to post-secondary education among young, low-income parents in Chicago, Denver and Miami.

The Ounce partnered with researchers at Columbia University and Northwestern University on this project which found that while all the mothers in the study recognized a college education as essential for success, they varied in their readiness and ability to pursue a higher education.

Researchers concluded that high-quality early childhood centers such as Educare schools, could be a promising platform for promoting parents’ continuing education. The results of this project have informed program development efforts at Educare Schools and have influenced national conversations about the importance of two-generation approaches. Read more about Ascend at the Aspen Institute and Educare Tulsa’s new post-secondary education model. This project was generously supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.