Early Childhood Mental Health Project

Closing the achievement gap by promoting young children’s healthy social-emotional development

The social-emotional abilities a child acquires before age 5—such as regulating emotions and behavior, setting goals, solving problems, getting along with peers, and asking for and accepting help—are as important as academic skills in preparing him or her for school.

The Early Childhood Mental Health Project was designed at Educare Chicago to promote age-appropriate social-emotional development among children who were at risk of poor development and school outcomes. The project included screenings and assessments of children, teacher training to address developmental concerns, and parent support groups that helped identify and address the stress factors in parents’ lives that could hinder their child’s healthy development.

Private funding allows us to develop and test new approaches, such as those found in the Early Childhood Mental Health Project, for educating at-risk children. For more information or to support projects like this, please contact April Wozniak, Director of Development, at 312.922.3863.

This project was generously supported by The Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation.