Ounce Washington

The Ounce is expanding to Washington state, building on the state’s successful history of promoting early learning.

After decades of advocating on behalf of children and families across the United States, the Ounce is expanding to Washington state, working hand in hand with public and private partners to promote comprehensive birth-to-five learning experiences for all Washington children.

Decades of research shows that the first five years of life are critical in a child’s development Linguistic, cognitive, and emotional skills are shaped by a child’s earliest experiences, experiences that shape the rest of their lives. In Washington, more than 50% of children enter kindergarten unprepared, beginning their educational journey at a disadvantage.

The Ounce’s mission is to ensure that every child has access to high-quality education experiences during the first five years of life, preparing them for school and everything beyond.

The Ounce has been a longtime partner with Washington, working closely with the state to strengthen policies, infrastructure and programs to build high-quality pre-k systems.

  • Home Visiting
    • The Ounce will work closely with the Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) and the Home Visiting Implementation Hub to ensure programs deliver effective home visiting programs while working with stakeholders to build community capacity for growth.
  • Policy and Advocacy
    • The Ounce will support Washington state as a public partner, providing research and program support throughout the state to enact policies and build systems that support children and families.
  • Elevating the Issue
    • The Ounce is committed to growing public and private investment in providing high quality early learning to Washington’s children and families. Through work with private and public stakeholders, the Ounce will work on an agenda to bring focus to this critical issue.