Our early childhood programs support each aspect of a child’s development, from prenatal to age 5.

We have created proven models and spurred improvements to boost program quality across states and at the national level, ensuring that more children have access to the programs best suited for their future success.


The Ounce built the first Educare school in 2000 in Chicago and now we partner with early childhood champions to create schools in communities across the country. Our coast-to-coast network of Educare schools makes certain that financially-disadvantaged young children have the best possible opportunity for success in life.

Home Visiting

In our evidence-based home visiting programs, parent coaches provide child-development and parenting information to help teen parents create safe, stimulating home environments; model positive and language-rich relationships; and ensure families are connected to medical, dental, mental-health and other supports.


Every year, doulas trained by the Ounce of Prevention Fund help usher in a healthy start for nearly 1,000 babies. Our network of community-based doula programs at 24 sites throughout Illinois is the first in the country to serve teen parents and to be publicly funded.

Head Start/Early Head Start Community Agencies

As one of the federal Early Head Start and Head Start grant recipients in the Chicago area, the Ounce of Prevention Fund provides high-quality child care and education to more than 1,400 young children through partnerships with eight community agencies.