Policy and Advocacy Legends

Reflections and lessons to enhance our leadership journeys, an interview with Charlotte Brantley

At the end of June, over 100 attendees gathered in Chicago for the Ounce’s annual Policy Exchange (June 26 – 28, 2019), a convening that allows for in-depth policy discussions and collaborative learning on a range of topics. Consisting of plenaries and breakout sessions, this year’s Exchange participants explored equity through the theme of “Uniting for Families: Building a Longer Table.”

Along with the various sessions, attendees were able to hear Charlotte Brantley, a nationally recognized leader in the field of early childhood education. Fueled by a genuine passion for the well-being of young children, she drove a long-range vision to position Clayton Early Learning as a statewide nucleus with national influence during her tenure as President and CEO.

At this year’s Policy Exchange, Charlotte Brantley reflected on the most pressing topics in early childhood education that will increase equitable outcomes for children. Specifically, she elevated our need for increased funding, the purpose for authentically engaging authentic parent and family voice, and the importance of setting priorities. She also offered participants some insight on the meaning of leadership, service, and the advice she’d give emerging leaders.

See the videos below to hear from this policy legend.

Her start in policy, an interview with Charlotte Brantley

In this short video, Charlotte reflects on her start in policy, mentors she’s had and the idea of champions in unexpected places. Watch this short video for some highlights from her talk during the convening.