MIECHV’s Impact in Illinois

In Illinois, MIECHV has played a vital role in our home visiting system and our broader early childhood system.

MIECHV is one of three primary funding streams dedicated toward home visiting in Illinois. It works in close partnership with the Illinois Department of Human Services and the Illinois State Board of Education to ensure the sustainability and quality of the entire home visiting system. The MIECHV Program allows us to expand and improve direct services to families, as well as funds key innovations and enhancements that benefit early childhood systems. It is critical to continue the program in order to maintain and improve the quality of services and outcomes for families.

For information on how Illinois receives MIECHV funding and how it is being used, see these resources:

In Illinois, MIECHV funding supports 34 home visiting programs that use one of the following evidence-based models: Healthy Families America (HFA), Parents As Teachers (PAT) or Early Head Start. For more information about home visiting in Illinois, check out iGrow Illinois’ website.

Highlights of MIECHV’s positive impact in Illinois: