MIECHV Resources

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Key Federal Legislators for MIECHV

Information on federal legislative oversight of the MIECHV Program and key federal legislators from Illinois.


View the presentation or watch the webinar the Ounce shared on March 10 discussing MIECHV Reauthorization.

Status of Congressional Action on MIECHV

Current status.

Stories about MIECHV

Research and Recommendations

Letter of Support

The Illinois Early Learning Council (ELC) provided a letter of support for the reauthorization of MIECHV to the entire Illinois Congressional delegation. View the letter that the ELC approved at its meeting in October 2016–Coming soon.

Watch a Home Visit in Action

This Pew Home Visiting campaign discusses high-quality home visiting.

Parent Stories

Watch parents tell their home visiting stories.

Original MIECHV Statute

To learn more about the original MIECHV statute that was enacted in 2010, visit SSA.gov.

Contact Information 

For more information about MIECHV or MIECHV reauthorization, or if you have stories you would like to share about MIECHV positively impacting you or someone you know, please contact advocacy@theounce.org.