Share your words more

You can use your smart phone, digital camera, camcorder, or anything else that’ll record digital video, and it only takes a few seconds to film. All you have to do is record yourself saying your favorite word(s), then mention some friends who you’ll “dare to share!”

When you upload your video and post it to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram, make sure to tag the Ounce and the people you’ve mentioned, and include #ShareYourWords. You can also copy and paste this text:

The Ounce #ShareYourWords campaign encourages us to keep talking so that we can continue to strengthen young brains and fuel early learning for all children! To give, learn, and share, go to



The Ounce works to give kids—particularly those born into poverty—quality early learning experiences during their crucial first five years. #ShareYourWords dares everyone to help out. By “daring to share,” and supporting the Ounce, you are giving the children in your life, and all children, a better future.


Provides access to high-quality early learning that opens the door to lifelong curiosity


Provides support for pregnant teens to learn prenatal care


Develops innovative tools for parents to support their child’s early development


Creates engaging learning environments


Supports research that leads to new approaches for children’s learning

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