Engage With Your Child

Use the activities and recommendations below from our early learning experts to make the most of every minute with your child.

Activities from the Experts

From Our Classroom to Yours

The From Our Classroom to Yours series adopts classroom activities for the home. You’ll find the resources you need to complete the activity, as well as step-by-step instructions and a description of what your child is learning.

Vroom Activities

Vroom provides easy tips and activities to make everyday moments into brain building moments for parents and children up to age 5. The Ounce is proud to partner with Vroom by providing some of these activities from our classroom and home visiting experts.


  1. Rainbow Fish, Marcus Pfister
  2. Swimmy, Leo Lionni
  3. Being Responsible, Mary Small
  4. Words Are Not for Hurting, Elizabeth Verdick
  5. Following Rules, Cassie Mayer
  6. An Earthworm’s Life, John Himmelman
  7. Shape by Shape, Suse Macdonald
  8. Dreaming Up, Christy Hale
  9. Please, Baby, Please, Spike Lee
  10. The Vegetables We Eat, Gail Gibbons