Who We Serve

We educate and empower parents, teachers, school leaders, social workers, advocates and anyone else who wants a better chance for every child in America.

Every year:

  • We SERVE more than 5,800 children and families directly through birth-to-five programs and 23 Educare Learning Network schools across the country.
  • We EDUCATE children, families, and early childhood professionals by developing and implementing evidence-based models, curricula, training materials, and programs.
  • We ADVOCATE at the local, state and federal level—in partnership with other organizations—for policy changes and funding to support early childhood programs, services and research.
  • We EXPLORE the latest science about early childhood and conduct rigorous research into educational best practices. We then translate those findings to the ‘real world’ of our programs, and evaluate outcomes to help us improve our models.
  • We COMMUNICATE through publications and other resources to ensure that what we know is translated into action—in homes, schools, board rooms, and on Capitol Hill.