A Mother’s Day surprise for new moms!

Earlier in the month, new moms from the Ounce’s Healthy Parents & Babies program were showered with appreciation as they prepare for one of the most special times in their lives – motherhood.

In honor of the special moment for these mothers, more than 4,000 Mother’s Day messages were delivered to expecting and new moms participating in the Ounce program, celebrating their journey as mothers.

The program is designed to support and coach pregnant women, young parents and children through age 3, while also providing necessary resources. Through doulas services, prenatal and parent group meetings and even Spanish-language support, the program is able to provide help during the most critical stage of a baby’s development, in order to ensure a happy, successful start for the new family.

“Raising a family is such a wonderful, exciting moment in life and we understand that moms need all the support they can get during this time. It’s everything they do that will ensure a healthy, successful start in life,” said Edna Lindsey, Healthy Parents and Babies program manager.

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