The correct answer is 18%

Access to high-quality early learning experiences can have a life-changing impact on a developing mind and help set the foundation for all future learning.

That’s why we know that having only 18% of low income children in quality programs is not nearly good enough. Not even close.

Expanding access and options for parents to provide their children a quality, affordable early childhood education has proven benefits for individuals and society in reduced healthcare costs, increased school achievement and a more educated workforce.

But it’s not just about access to early learning programs. The quality of a child’s future depends on the quality of caregiving in the first five years. First-rate early learning programs that are safe, healthy, stimulating, organized, and, most importantly, led by well-trained teachers, help children enter school ready to learn and succeed. Learn more about what you should expect from a quality early learning program here.

SOURCE: First Five Years Fund