Instructional Excellence | Why It Is Important

Find resources that demonstrate why and how instructional excellence leads to improved school readiness outcomes for children.

Poor Teaching for Poor Children in the Name of Reform

Alfie Kohn highlights the stark differences in learning opportunities available to children in disadvantaged and affluent communities, underscoring the need for effective instruction. Education Week, 2011.

Promoting Children’s School Readiness: Rethinking the Levers for Change

This brief summarizes recent research on what is most important to create effective instruction in early childhood classrooms. NCRECE, 2010.

FirstSchool: Transforming PreK–3rd Grade for African American, Latino, and Low-Income Children*

This book from Sharon Ritchie and Laura Guttman outlines a new framework for closing the achievement and opportunity gaps for young children. Teachers College Press, 2013.

Learning How Much Quality is Necessary to Get Good Results for Children

This research summary makes the case for focusing on effective interactions and instruction to improve school readiness outcomes. NCRECE, 2010.