See what leaders are saying about Lead Learn Excel

  • “For Peer Learning Communities, at first we worried about teachers getting bought in…but after some time, they don’t see it as something else to do. It’s problem solving on their own. It’s not just the coach or the facilitator telling them what to do. In the community they’re talking together and they’re using each other as a resource and they’re receptive. After a while, the teacher coach was able to take it back to her school and even brought it to the other coaches to implement across sites.” – Lead Learn Excel customer and participant
  • “I am so grateful that I have taken these trainings. They have helped me grow in my leadership skills. I think [my colleague from another child care program] and I will be doing some collaboration on the peer learning groups in a short time. We have already started exchanging ideas and materials that will help us.”—Lead Learn Excel participant
  • “I want to practice my new way of coaching immediately! Start a new way of asking probing questions, and develop creative and individual learning plans for teachers. The wealth of knowledge I’ve received from Lead Learn Excel has me excited about the rest of the school year and any challenge ahead.”—Lead Learn Excel participant
  • “This knowledge, as an instructional leader, reminds me that I need to think about where teachers are in their development, just as we do with children. I need to fit the instructional support as needed with each teaching team and/or individual.”—Lead Learn Excel participant
  • “I have learned [to be] intentional about everything related to children. Families and staff [are] the most effective way to instill high quality, [accountability], and expectations in programming. [Now I’ll] provide more time for team lesson planning and [be] able to provide tools and resources.”—Lead Learn Excel participant
  • “I learned how to be more specific in my questioning, [using] open-ended questions that let the teacher, or lead the teacher, to think through the question/problem. PD need[s] to be embedded into the day and be personalized—now it’s time to put this all together and get a plan to use this at school. How do I get everyone onboard? Immediately I will use the listening/questioning techniques.”—Lead Learn Excel participant

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