Program Participants

Lead Learn Excel’s innovative approach to on-the-job learning equips Instructional Leaders with skills and tools to support teachers in creating high-quality early learning environments and positive teacher-child interactions.

The Ounce also trains Professional Development Providers, such as trainers, quality specialists or coaches, to deliver Lead Learn Excel to Instructional Leaders. We support these local providers so they can help their teams implement and sustain the Lead Learn Excel approach over time.

System Leaders are also eligible to receive training alongside Professional Development Providers throughout the Lead Learn Excel program.

What is a System Leader?

Lead Learn Excel partners with System Leaders to plan a tailored professional development experience for their leaders. System Leaders will decide who from their program will participate in the Lead Learn Excel program. System Leaders include state or local government partners, research partners, state professional development systems, and other state systems that have an impact on the delivery of early childhood services to the state.

What is a Professional Development Provider?

Professional Development Providers are those tasked with facilitating and delivering professional development in their local or regional early childhood settings. They deliver training and coaching to Instructional Leaders in early childhood programs or within an education system.

Professional Development Providers Include:

  • coaches;
  • quality specialists;
  • Trainers;
  • technical assistance providers employed by the systems

What is an Instructional Leader?

Instructional Leaders create learning organizations that continuously support teachers in improving their practice. These leaders are responsible for the quality of teaching and learning in early childhood settings. They directly support teachers in their daily work and ongoing improvement. Instructional Leaders focus on children’s learning, development and school readiness, supporting teachers to be effective in their work and cultivating strong partnerships with families.

Instructional Leaders include:

  • program administrators for preschool, Head Start, Early Head Start or child care centers;
  • school principals; assistant principals;
  • early childhood coordinators
  • teacher leaders;
  • owners;
  • site directors;
  • assistant directors;
  • education coordinators and special education coordinators;
  • family childcare providers

The Ounce partners with these Professional Development Providers to equip them to deliver the Lead Learn Excel training approach. During the initial implementation of Lead Learn Excel, the Professional Development Providers will learn alongside the Instructional Leaders in training sessions. The Ounce will then provide them with additional supports to help them facilitate training, coaching and peer learning communities for the Instructional Leaders.

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