About Lead Learn Excel

Excellent early learning depends on excellent instructional leadership

The Ounce Educare Coach Cycle

Early childhood education has a positive impact on children’s later academic success, making the birth-to-five years a unique opportunity to unlock their true potential. Intentional instruction and interactions in early childhood classrooms ensure children are prepared for kindergarten. How can early childhood professional development providers and program leaders support the delivery of more effective teaching and learning in classrooms?

The Ounce of Prevention Fund created Lead Learn Excel to help.

Empowering Early Childhood Professionals

Lead Learn Excel is a professional development program that helps leaders and trainers at early childhood programs develop the skills they need to fuel the everyday learning and continuous improvement of classroom teachers.

Our innovative approach to on-the-job learning equips instructional leaders with skills and tools to support teachers in creating high-quality early learning environments and positive teacher-child interactions.

The Ounce also trains professional development providers, such as trainers, quality specialists or coaches, to deliver Lead Learn Excel to instructional leaders. We support these local providers so they can help their teams implement and sustain the Lead Learn Excel approach over time.

Lead Learn Excel takes place over a comprehensive 9- or 16-month engagement. While it is intensive, the Lead Learn Excel approach provides the supports necessary for early childhood professionals to change their practice—and sustain those changes over time—in a way that gives children the strong foundation they need for success.

Transforming Early Childhood Programs

The impact of Lead Learn Excel extends beyond the classroom. We equip early childhood professionals to create a system and routines that support continuous learning and quality improvement efforts by all staff. With this approach, professionals can transform their organizations over time into effective, high-performing programs that prepare children for kindergarten.

Research-Based Professional Development Approach

Why does Lead Learn Excel focus on leadership development and changing organizational systems? Decades of education research has found that effective leaders who build learning opportunities into the day-to-day work are the key drivers of improvements in early childhood programs. Studies show that this approach is more effective than traditional, ad-hoc professional development in changing practices that lead to improved child outcomes.

Lead Learn Excel uses a proven approach that combines training, coaching, peer learning communities, and access to practical tools and resources to drive classroom instructional excellence. As a result, leaders are equipped to support teachers’ professional learning and growth through three regular routines—collaborative data dialogues, team lesson planning and peer learning groups—that ensure schools can implement, improve and sustain effective instruction.

Want to Learn More?

We work with system leaders to tailor Lead Learn Excel to meet their unique needs and identify the instructional leaders and professional development providers who may best benefit from the program.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more. Or contact us at LeadLearnExcel@theOunce.org.