How to Join

The Ounce Affiliates Board (OAB) helps advance the Ounce’s mission by increasing awareness of and engagement in early childhood education.

The OAB members:

  • Support the Ounce’s work and programs by hosting and attending fundraising events, donation drives, educational opportunities and recruitment events
  • Raise awareness and broaden interest for the OAB and the Ounce’s work by leveraging personal and professional networks
  • Learn about and advocate for the Ounce of Prevention Fund’s early childhood education programs, solutions and policy initiatives

Member Responsibilities include:

  • Minimum one-year membership commitment
  • Attend and participate at bi-monthly board and sub-committee meetings
  • Attend and participate in the planning and execution of the OAB Signature Ounce Bash Event and other OAB-sponsored activities
  • Annual member gift of $150

Interested in joining the OAB?

The OAB hosts membership events throughout the year. Email Maggie Ollander at to learn about future events.