Make an Impact Today

5.3 million children under age 6 live in poverty in the US. Many of these children lack access to early experiences and education that will define their future success as adults. We know that when at-risk children are provided with meaningful early learning experiences that support them and their parents, they are far more likely to grow into accomplished students, successful workers and engaged citizens.

At the Ounce, we know that with access to high-quality early education children are more likely to achieve academic success, earn higher wages and live healthier lives; parents become more engaged in their children’s education; and our communities grow safer and stronger. We believe that every child deserves quality care and education from the day they are born, that access to critical resources and social support should be available to every family, and that effective early childhood programs and services should to exist in every community.

Our investments today not only impact children’s achievement and well-being, but also shape our society for future generations. The need is urgent, and your help is essential. Help us give every child in poverty the best chance for success.

Impact in Action

Every Child: Olivia’s Story

Find out how one mother’s involvement in a high-quality home visiting program was the start to a brighter future for her daughter, who is still thriving 27 years later.

Every Family: Kristina and Monzell’s Story

See how one family’s involvement with an Ounce doula program gave them the support they needed to navigate every obstacle and uncertainty leading up to the birth of their daughter.

Every Community: Anastasia’s Story

Learn how one woman’s involvement in her child’s early education program inspired her to fight for herself, her family and her community.