Giving Tuesday


This year, the Ounce is celebrating the moments—reading a book, singing a song, telling knock-knock jokes—that bond young children and their parents. These moments are the bedrock of strong parent-child relationships. And strong relationships are what fuel children’s development and growth.

We can help all children grow through strong relationships, and in the process unleash our country’s greatest potential.  How we do it is quality early learning for all.


In the first years of life, children are learning how to learn. How they experience the first months, days, even minutes, of life shapes the kind of students and adults they will become. How their parents, family, and caregivers respond to them helps build the architecture of their brains.

It’s critical that children’s earliest relationships are inspiring, encouraging and educational ones. Every book you read, laugh you share, hug you give, “why?” you answer, or word of encouragement you deliver has a dramatic impact on your child’s development.


At the Ounce, we’ve been at the forefront of early education for more than three decades. We work with children to help them develop the social-emotional and cognitive skills that are the foundation of learning. We empower parents to become their children’s biggest champions. We develop strong early learning practitioners and leaders. And we help ensure that national and local systems are improving the accessibility and quality of early education for all.

Young children should be surrounded by quality early experiences and relationships from the moment they’re born, and even before. Help make that possible this year and give to the Ounce.