Engage Your Team

Improving access to early education is a cause with support from many Americans—especially among young people and women. The Ounce can help you engage your employees with activities and opportunities that champion this important issue.

Want to learn more? Reach out to our Corporate Relations team at CorporatePartnerships@theOunce.org.


Encourage employee giving through paycheck deductions, or rally your team to host workplace fundraisers (e.g., runs/walks, sports watching parties, casual days, collections). You can also incentivize employee donations by funding and communicating your matching gift program.

Our Educare Chicago school also accepts gifts of books, games, puzzles and clothing for children from birth to age 5. During the holidays they appreciate donations of gift certificates that Educare families can use for gifts and holiday meals.

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Educare Chicago book drive


Invite an Ounce expert to talk to your employees or clients about how early learning affects their lives, our economy, and the health of our nation. Our staff can also speak about the latest research in early childhood development, what really happens to the brain between birth and age 5, or the huge influence that adults have in raising healthy children. Ounce speakers are perfect for affinity groups, lunch & learns, or after work get-togethers.



Providing employees an opportunity to initiate (and own) your community engagement relationships is your best chance for success. Momentum for a cause will grow in direct correlation with individual team members’ personal investment in that cause.

You can also encourage employees to become ambassadors of early learning as members of the Ounce Affiliates Board. Participating in an affiliates board at a nonprofit organization is a smart way to support growing leaders in your own organization. The Ounce Affiliates Board comprises young professionals from diverse organizations, all of whom are passionate about the impact early learning has on a community.