Call for Proposal

We are seeking proposals that advance the home visiting field and connected systems of care through innovations, diverse perspectives and a focus on impact. Proposals should have clear learning objectives, specific strategies for engagement and relevance for the Summit audience.

Comprised mainly of four constituent groups (state and federal systems leaders, researchers, program/practice leaders and policy advocates), attendees seek information that supports their role as decision-makers and influencers in the home visiting field and connected systems of care (immigration, pediatrics, housing, etc.). Accordingly, each workshop session is an important opportunity for speakers to engage leaders on the most pressing and innovative issues concerning the field today.

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Important Dates

Open Call: June 25 – August 28, 2020

Deadline to submit proposal: Friday, August 28 at 5 p.m. PT

Decisions made by: September (notifications will be sent to all submitting groups)

To view the questions asked during the abstract process, please click here. Please note that this document is only for reference and all submissions must be completed online.

Selection and Criteria Requirements

The 2021 National Home Visiting Summit steering committee, comprised of thought leaders from across the home visiting and early childhood field, have worked collaboratively with conference organizers to inform the development of the conference objectives and selection criteria. The steering committee will use the following objectives and criteria as the framework for selecting proposals.

2021 National Home Visiting Summit Objectives

  • Contribute to and be a catalyst for field-building investments to design and strengthen the systems and infrastructure needed to ensure ongoing program quality and to facilitate the commitment of increased public and private investments over time.
  • Facilitate building strong national partnerships with local, state, and national leaders to increase systems influence and inform policy.
  • Provide leaders in the home visiting field and connected systems of care with a national forum for the exchange of best practices, emerging concepts, and lessons learned across systems, states, and models on the most relevant topics, adaptations, and emerging challenges facing the home visiting field.
  • Increase the implementation of quality home visiting practices and improve early childhood system-building and policy nationwide.
  • Promote and highlight the importance of public-private partnership building, and the strong connection between public entities, community-based providers, and researchers.

Guiding Criteria

  • The session provides relevant and innovative content. Preference given to presentations that align with the field-building vision of the Summit by highlighting important issues surrounding systems building, innovative and/or field-advancing practice(s), and creative/unique collaborations and partnerships.
  • The session engages attendees in the learning and discovery process by actively facilitating attendee involvement during the live and virtual components of the conference. Speakers are expected to provide perspective and insight on critical issues facing the field through dialogue, storytelling, case studies, lessons learned, etc. Accepted proposals will include examples of how attendees will be engaged throughout the session.
  • The session’s content and speakers promote inclusion and diversity within the context of the presentation and broader home visiting field.
  • Participants are provided multiple strategies that expand thinking and can be applied to practice.

Presenting Virtually

Sessions at the virtual Summit will be blended to provide live streamed sessions and virtual learning opportunities. Proposals should demonstrate a presentation format that engages your peers in discussion and learning by going beyond the basic dissemination of information via lecture. Please take a moment to review our list of OnDemand (pre-recorded) and mixed delivery sessions below. Presenters will be encouraged to pre-record the content portions of their presentations in advance of the Summit and host live Q&A/discussion sessions during the week of February 22-26, 2021. This will provide attendees with the ability to consume session content in advance making the live session shorter in-length and more engaging. The conference organizer will provide technical support to presenting teams as needed to support the recording of sessions.

Within the virtual conference environment speakers will be asked to create a profile, engage with attendees, and host discussion boards for their presentation when applicable. Preference will be given to proposals that emphasize engagement within the virtual conference environment. The conference planning team will provide training and technical support to ensure your success in the virtual space.

Session Formats

  • Session Description: 5-minute recorded presentations on key issues/questions facing the field. Lightning Talks can also be focused on sharing a single resource, strategy, or innovation. Presenters will be given the opportunity to engage participants by hosting a discussion board linked to the video.

    Session Length: 5 minutes

    Delivery Method: OnDemand

    Session Capacity: N/A

  • Session Description: PechaKucha (Japanese for “chatter or chit chat”) storytelling presentation format. 20 slides x 20 seconds commentary per slide. PowerPoints are to be set to advance every 20-seconds automatically. Slides should contain images with little to no text. This format is most commonly used to tell a story and will require presenters to practice commentary ahead of the recording. No exceptions will be made to the format, we encourage you to use the structured format to spur creativity and engagement. PehcaKucha recordings will be pre-recorded with a discussion board linked to the video. *If interest is high a live session along with a moderated Q&A will be hosted.

    Session Length: 6:40 minutes

    Delivery Method: OnDemand

    Session Capacity: N/A


  • Session Description: Create an audio recording of a conversation on a question or issue facing the field.

    Session Length: 10-60 minutes

    Delivery Method: OnDemand

    Session Capacity: N/A

  • Session Description: Collaborative Learnshops engage participants in learning and peer reflection over the course of several weeks. This format provides both speakers and participants with the ability to dive deeper into topics and unpack learning collaboratively. Resources and materials will be shared along with a community discussion board to host engagement before, during, and after the virtual experience. Collaborative Learnshops can also be designed for participants within a certain job function/role or affinity group. Spanning over the course of several weeks Collaborative Learnshops will be planned as part of the pre-conference experience starting January – February of 2021. Learnshops with high demand may be asked to repeat the experience as part of the post-conference experience February – March 2021. This session type is intended for a smaller audience to encourage peer engagement and reflection. Presenters have the option to pre-record content to focus live sessions on engagement.

    Session Length: 45-60 minutes (2-4 sessions)

    Delivery Method: Mix of live and on demand

    Session Capacity: 30-75

  • Session Description: Pre-recorded video/presentation/podcast or written report/paper + 30-minute live VR discussion. Pre-recorded content can be created by the facilitators or curated from past work. The content of the recording/report will be the focus of the live discussion. Facilitators will be asked to provide discussion questions and will be asked to host an online discussion board. Sessions with high demand may be asked to repeat the experience. Discussion forums are limited to 50 participants to allow for both verbal and non-verbal audience engagement.

    Session Length: 30 minutes

    Delivery Method: Mix of live and OnDemand

    Session Capacity: 50

  • Session Description: Explore topics of common interest using innovative thought-provoking content blended with audience participation. Presenters act as content leaders, presenting short segments of content and then lead engaging activities, group discussion and participant reflection segments on how to apply their new knowledge to practice. This session can include pre-recorded video/presentation/podcast or written report/paper + 30-minute VR panel discussion OR be just a live 30-minute VR panel discussion. Participants would be engaged via non-verbal feedback methods (chat, polls, Q&A).

    Session Length: 30-45 minutes

    Delivery Method: Mix of live and OnDemand

    Session Capacity: 1,000

  • Session Description: Live poster session in VR exhibition hall; w/optional recorded presentation. Presenters engage participants live and via a discussion board linked to the poster presentation.

    Session Length: 60 minutes

    Delivery Method: Mix of live and OnDemand

    Session Capacity: N/A

  • Session Description: Submit your presentation idea and work with the conference organizer on determining the best format for your session.

    Session Length: N/A

    Delivery Method: N/A

    Session Capacity: N/A

Speaker and Session Requirements

    • The Summit limits session and poster presentations to three speakers.
    • All accepted proposals are required to complete a workshop requirement form and individual speaker form after acceptance.
    • Speakers presenting in live sessions must commit to presenting during the scheduling conference dates February 22-26, 2021.
    • Sessions utilizing a mixed delivery approach with recorded content will need to submit all materials and recordings by Friday, February 5 for inclusion in the pre-conference forum starting February 10.
    • All presenters are required to participate in an online training session to learn the virtual conference environment.
    • All speakers must register for the conference before January 10.
    • All accepted presenters will complimentary registration.


Presentations within the summit’s four domains (advocacy, policy, practice and research) may focus on a variety of issues related to home visiting. Areas of interest for the summit include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Addressing systemic and structural racism
  • Innovations in home visiting practices, services, and systems
  • Improving maternal and child health outcomes
  • Integration and alignment of home visiting as a connector and partner within the early childhood system
  • COVID-19: Impacts on state systems, policy, and practice
  • Topics to be explored within the context of the areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

    • Community Health Workers and Home Visitors
    • The Fourth Trimester
    • Early intervention
    • Engaging public and new partners in advocacy of home visiting as an essential service
    • Global initiatives
    • Impacts of poverty
    • Infant mental health
    • Innovations in home visiting funding
    • Innovations in professional development
    • Innovative research in home visiting
    • Multi-generational parenting
    • Parent-child interaction
    • Parent Voice
    • Relational health and home visiting
    • State systems rebuilding post COVID (education, health care, child welfare, etc.)
    • Translating the essential and effective services of home visiting for policymakers, funders and public/private partners
    • Trauma-informed practice: integrating resilience and hope
    • Use of technology in home visiting
    • Using data and research to drive advocacy and policy making
    • Virtual home visiting: what have we learned

Harc and Summit Collaboration

We look forward to another exciting year of collaboration as we partner to feature selected Home Visiting Research Collaborative (HARC) presentations at the 2021 National Home Visiting Summit. HARC will host their annual meeting directly preceding the Summit. For more information on the annual HARC Meeting, please visit their website.



We are eager to support you during the submission process. Please email your inquiries to us at