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What is an Educare Training Provider?

Educare Best Practices Training Providers deliver stronger outcomes for children and families in their communities by providing increased access to high-quality professional development. Certified Educare Best Practices Training Providers can offer trainings to directly operated programs, delegates, Early Head Start-Child Care Partners, or other center- and school-based early childhood programs. Training Providers recruit training participants, deliver the trainings and practice supports, share data on training and participants, and participate in implementation, continuous improvement and quality assurance activities. Certified Providers will become proficient in delivering eight trainings across four domains of best practices: Data Utilization, Embedded Professional Development, High-quality Teaching Practices, and Intensive Family Engagement. Each of these four domains includes two trainings — a 4 to 5 hour “Foundations of” training to build knowledge and an 8 to 12 hour “In Practice” training to develop practical skills and competencies.

Why Should My Organization Become an Educare Training Provider?

In order for early childhood programs to help prevent the persistent opportunity gap for our nation’s most at-risk young children, there is an urgent need for professional development that matches the complex work of teaching and learning, family support and engagement. Through Educare Best Practices Training we are building a network of professional development providers that can meet this demand at the local, state and regional levels. High-quality organizations that want to increase impact within their communities can apply to become an Educare Best Practices Training Provider. Training Providers will develop and strengthen capacity to serve as professional development providers that are equipped to meet the needs of early learning practitioners through proven, research-based tools and resources that improve child and family outcomes.

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