Frequently Asked Questions


  • Educare Best Practices Training is a flexible early childhood professional development series offered by the Educare Learning Network, targeted to center- and school-based programs. Educare Best Practices Training helps practitioners develop their knowledge, behavior and practices to improve program practice and ultimately deliver stronger outcomes for children and families.

  • Educare Training Providers facilitate practical instruction in four core practice areas employed within Educare schools:

    • Data Utilization
    • Embedded Professional Development
    • High-Quality Teaching Practices
    • Intensive Family Engagement

    Each of the four training modules includes two trainings — a 4 to 5 hour “Foundations of” training to build knowledge and an 8 to 12 hour “In Practice” training to develop practical skills and competencies. Please note that time required to participate will depend on the trainings and modules are chosen.



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