See what leaders are saying about Early Education Essentials

Early Education Essentials Pilot in Illinois – 2018


  • “I’ve done some data-driven meetings before in regards to parent concern, but I don’t think I’ve ever had the opportunity before to analyze the root cause, so ‘Why did you think the parent felt this way?’…Having the opportunity to sit down as a team and analyze what the root could possibly be and having it come from different perspectives…I think that was something very valuable about this tool that I just haven’t experienced before.”—Teacher
  • “Having that structure helped us to be able to say, ‘This seems like a gigantic problem, but really when we look at it we can just take little pieces of it and do actual work, and work together as a team to make some changes.’ That might not seem like big, earth-shaking changes in parent connection, but we’re already starting to see some improvement.”—Teacher
  • “I think it’s a really strong framework for helping teachers and administrators understand the context for what is happening and also understand an accountable process for change that doesn’t feel overwhelming for teachers. It feels really empowering for teachers and feels empowering for leaders as well to be the facilitator and not necessarily the driver of change.”—Lead Teacher
  • “I think the key thing is the accountability. It gives us all the responsibility to do what we can do in our classroom, collaborate with each other, support each other and then that trickles down to supporting the families and supporting the children in the classroom.”—Teacher

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