Build It Back Better

The Ounce of Prevention Fund’s Build It Back Better initiative is an effort to place parent, caregiver, practitioner and systems leader perspective at the center of rebuilding the early childhood system post-COVID-19 to be stronger, more comprehensive and more sustainable.

As the early childhood field rebuilds and recovers, it is imperative that we work not to simply replicate the systems that were in place prior to the pandemic, but to build back better by rethinking and improving them to ensure that they truly meet the needs of children and families.

We invite early childhood stakeholders from across the country to share their ideas about “building it back better,” as well as what major questions they think the early childhood field should be asking during this time. It is our goal to help elevate these critical questions and perspectives to inform decision-makers’ efforts to rebuild early childhood systems in ways that are responsive to the changing needs of children, families and practitioners.

As a first step toward encouraging responsive system evolution, the Ounce created tools for hosting, participating in and encouraging Build It Back Better conversations. We understand how critical an inclusive collection of experiences and ideas is to ensure we build it back better.

Build It Back Better Dialogue Resource Kit

Families, practitioners and leaders from across the country are participating in and hosting virtual Build It Back Better conversations with those involved in and impacted by early childhood systems. Through these dialogues, we hope to together identify key questions and themes from across different perspectives. We invite you to use the Build It Back Better Dialogue Resource Kit to engage your communities and networks in generating the critical questions that can inform a stronger, brighter and more equitable future for young children and their families.

Build It Back Better Blogs

Has your community engaged in a Build It Back Better dialogue or similar conversation about the future of early childhood? We’d love to hear from you and feature the themes of your discussion in a blog post. Please contact to learn more.