Community of Practice

The Birth-to-College Collaborative Community of Practice is designed to help participants get to know each other on multiple levels: as individuals with different personal backgrounds, professionals with specific roles and responsibilities, members of three distinctive school cultures and colleagues curious to explore how the birth-to-college vision affects their thinking, learning and practices.

The Community of Practice brings together all leaders and staff actively involved in the Birth-to-College Collaborative to facilitate large-scale collective learning because they share a common passion for their work with students and families and want to learn how to do it better as a result of regular interactions. This structure affords several key opportunities:

  • Sharing by individual Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) so that all PLCs could learn about each other’s efforts to improve and align practices
  • A forum for ongoing, joint professional development on topics of relevance to all participants
  • A setting to foster a greater sense of community and stronger relationships across organizations