Birth-to-College Collaborative Objectives

While the long-term goal is to create alignment from birth through 12th grade, the first phase of our work detailed below focused on birth through 3rd grade.


Objective 1

Develop and engage in a comprehensive, transformative approach to professional development that results in a new, shared belief system and set of values, behaviors and practices that will demonstrably improve outcomes for children and their families.


Objective 2

We will launch and refine a coordinated, high-quality, birth-to-age-eight model of public education that establishes consistent expectations for children’s development and learning, standards, curriculum, assessment and family supports from birth to 3rd grade.


Objective 3

We will provide our families with a coherent set of experiences from birth to grade three, including intensified supports for parents of children with special needs, while at the same time honoring and building upon our families’ strengths.


Objective 4

We will document our efforts to develop a birth-to-eight education model, and disseminate best practices and lessons learned from the project to inform initiatives in other school communities and influence broader educational reform.


For a more detailed account of the exploration stage of the Birth-to-College Collaborative, and the collective effort to develop the vision, mission and joint objectives, please visit our case study—Working Together to Build a Birth-to-College Approach to Education—and the companion video.