Support a budget with early childhood investments!

The Illinois General Assembly is crafting its budget before the May 31 adjournment. Urge your legislators to pass a full-year, fully-funded state budget that protects and strengthens early childhood investments!

Contact Your Lawmaker

Legislators should champion the needs of children and families by:

  • Supporting the Illinois State Board of Education’s request for a $50 million increase to the Early Childhood Block Grant
  • Rejecting the proposed $96.1 million cut to the Child Care Assistance Program
  • Providing level funding for voluntary home visiting programs (Parents Too Soon and Healthy Families within the Department of Human Services)
  • Supporting the proposed $3 million increase for Early Intervention
  • Re-appropriating $7.2 million in Early Childhood Capital Grants

For more information check out our fact sheet on early childhood advocates’ budget requests.