ISBE Releases FY2018 ECBG Intent to Submit Proposal

All entities which intend to apply for FY2018 PI or PFA funding must submit a very brief online survey by February 28, 2017. Note that this is the first time this funding will be entirely open for applications and for the first time in several years, new entities are eligible to apply.

The surveys should only take a few minutes to complete and can be found on the ISBE Early Childhood Request For Proposals (RFP) website along with additional resources.

Please check the RFP page frequently for updates. Questions regarding the Intent to Submit survey can be emailed to ISBE.

Additionally, ISBE has announced that they intend to focus ECBG funding in the FY2018 recompetition on five policy priorities and that through the generosity of the private philanthropy community, interested communities may apply to receive individualized and regional technical assistance and support with the application process. More information about the technical assistance can be found on the ISBE website.