Governor signs three early childhood bills into law!

We are thrilled to report that three important early childhood bills have now been signed into law:

  • HB4965 (PA 100-909) moves the time for redetermination of eligibility for the Child Care Assistance Program from six months to 12 to provide more stability for children in their care setting.
  • SB1829 (PA 100-645) provides a five-year, time-limited solution to the Preschool for All (PFA) teacher shortage by allowing Gateways Level 5-credentialed teachers to teach in PFA classrooms.
  • SB3536 (PA 100-822) creates the opportunity for PFA teachers in community-based settings to gain entry into alternative licensure programs so they can work toward becoming a licensed teacher.

We thank our chief sponsors in the House (Representatives Litsea Wallace, Jehan Gordon-Booth, and Lisa Hernandez) and Senate (Senators Toi Hutchinson and Jacqueline Collins) for championing these bills in the spring. We also applaud Governor Rauner for signing all three into law this summer.

Please join us in thanking them for their support.