Frequently Asked Questions

  • Designed with home visitors in mind, learning online with us is a rich and rewarding experience. Our courses meet you where you are in your professional life. We offer accessible faculty, reflective opportunities and real-life learning grounded in the reality of home visiting.

    Our Hallmarks of Learning
    A Developmental Approach:

    • Our courses value the role of the home visitor by meeting you, the learner, “where you are” in your professional life.
    • We acknowledge the skills and experiences you bring to your job.

    Opportunities for Reflection:

    • We learn from one another. Our learning experiences integrate opportunities for reflection directly into their structure. This allows learners to reflect on their own identity, and their role and relationships with children and families, supervisors and supervisees, their organizations and program models, as well as their community.

    Grounded in the Reality of Home Visiting:

    • We design our learning objectives from the perspective of the professional home visitor and supervisor.
    • We create online learning experiences that reinforce a series of specific competencies and reflect what the home visitor will experience in a day on the job.

    Engaging Learning Experiences and Accessible Instructors:

    • Home visitors are change agents. Our courses and activities are designed to engage you as a learner, deepen your practice and incentivize growth among the families you work with.
    • Our learning experiences incorporate interactive activities and discussion so you can engage with other home visiting professionals across the country.
    • Subject matter experts moderate and facilitate your learning experiences and communities. We will be responsive to anyone requesting assistance with content.
  • Before you enroll in a course, you’ll need to become a registered user. Follow this step-by-step process to register, purchase and enroll in any of our learning experiences:

    • Click on the “register” button here. You will be taken to the registration page.
    • Complete all areas notated with the red asterisk. Upon completion of the registration form you will receive an automated email confirming access to the system.
  • Yes. You can browse our catalog without registering. Visit our landing page here. Then select the “browse offerings” button.

  • We accept credit card payments or purchase orders. Just select “Invoice” option upon payment if you are interested in a purchase order.

  • While in the catalog, select the professional development offering you are interested in. (If you are not a registered user, you will be directed to register before you can complete the purchase. Once registered, you will be routed directly back to shopping cart.)

    Click the “add to cart” button and then select either “continue shopping” or “proceed to checkout.”

  • We want to ensure that what you are learning is useful to you in the field so we employ knowledge checks, evaluations and polling in all of our online courses. Here’s how we assess your progress in our different online course formats:

    • Self-Paced:  Each self-paced course includes a 10 question pre-assessment at the beginning of the course which is ungraded and a 10 question post-assessment knowledge check.  In order for a self-paced course to be marked as “completed” on your transcript you must correctly answer at least 8 of the 10 post-assessment questions.
    • Webinars:  In our webinars, knowledge checks are administered through polls. These are a great opportunity for us to learn more about where you are in your practice so we can customize our content based on your needs.
  • Computers and tablets can be used to access our self-paced courses and webinars, while our Know & Go apps are designed to be accessed via your smart phone. We suggest that your computing equipment meet the following basic requirements, or are of a more recent release than:

    Computer OS:

    • Windows XP with Service Pack 2, Vista or Windows 7; Mac OS 10.7


    • iPad OS 6.0 (iPads 2 and 3 only)
    • Android: OS 4.1x

    Internet Connection:

    • 512 kbps minimum, Wi-Fi enabled, or 3G for smart phones

    We recommend using Chrome to access our online courses but you can also try the following:

    • Desktops/laptops: Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Google Chrome 18x, Safari 5x and Mozilla Firefox 15x
    • Tablets and smartphones: iOS, default WebKit browser; Android, default WebKit browser


    • 1GB or more

    Screen Dimensions:

    • Desktops and Tablets—1024 x 768 (minimum)
    • Smartphones—320 x 480 (minimum)


    • JavaScript and cookies enabled
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader enabled


    • Access to our webinars is provided by WebEx. WebEx is accessible via computers, tablets and smartphones. You can download the WebEx app from iTunes or Google Play (Android).


    • Our learning management system is Cornerstone on Demand (CSOD). Once you have registered for one of our courses you will be able to access information about their security policy.
  • If you are interested in purchasing multiple trainings on behalf of an organization or agency, please contact the Achieve OnDemand support team at AchieveOnDemand@theounce.org or 312-453-1993.

  • Follow the same process as for purchasing a self-paced course (see question 5). Select the “add to cart” button. From the “payment method” dropdown menu, select “training unit (keycode).”

    Enter your keycode and press the “apply” button. You will be prompted to provide additional information to complete the transaction.

  • If you choose to withdraw from a professional development offering before completion, please email Support.AOD@theounce.org or call 312.453.1993 between 9am and 5pm Central time, Monday–Friday.

  • Visit the login page for Achieve OnDemand and enter your email address and your password. You may also cut and paste this URL into your browser https://theounce.csod.com/client/theounce/default.aspx to reach the login page.

    Upon log in, you will be taken to your Achieve OnDemand dashboard.

  • If you have forgotten your password, please follow the automated password reset instructions on the login page. Your username is your email address.

  • We are here to support successful and enjoyable learning experiences. If you have any problems or questions please email Support.AOD@theOunce.org. Emails will be answered within one business day, or call 312.453.1993 between 9am and 5pm Central time, Monday–Friday.

  • Communicating with others online can sometimes lead to misunderstandings mainly because facial expressions and body language cannot be seen or interpreted in cyberspace. Learning online means you will be sharing insights and ideas with your classmates in many different ways so it’s important that everyone practice good online manners in their communications with others. When posting to a discussion board basic courtesy should prevail.

    • Your words and content represent you so review and edit your words and images before sending or posting.
    • Use unabbreviated English and keep your written communications focused.
    • Avoid multi-posting, cross-posting, off-topic posting and hijacking a discussion thread.
    • Avoid posting in all caps or enlarging script for emphasis.
    • When someone makes a mistake (such as a spelling error, asks an unrelated question or posts an unnecessarily long answer), it may be best to not say anything at all.
    • To add personality and humor to your message, use emoticons to convey your feelings.
    • If you follow these simple steps for online etiquette your shared learning experiences will be more cordial and rewarding.
  • We do not store any of your payment information.

  • Most frequently, browser settings will be the cause of problems that prevent a self-paced course from functioning properly. Try these steps first:

    • Disable the pop-up blocker in your browser’s settings.
    • Upgrade to the most current version of your browser. We recommend using Chrome for viewing this course, but it also works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.
    • Log out of the system, clear your browser’s cache, and login again to re-launch the course.
    • Confirm you have a strong and reliable connection to the internet.
  • For security reasons, the Achieve OnDemand learning system will log you off automatically after 2 hours—so it is a good idea to exit the course at least once every 2 hours to ensure you don’t get logged off unexpectedly. You can “save your place” in the course by simply closing the window in which the course is displaying, or by opening the “tools” menu in the lower left of the course screen, and selecting “exit course.” Any information you enter is saved automatically as it is entered.

  • Our self-paced courses are not designed to be accessed using a smartphone. Some parts may function correctly—but they are not designed to display or function correctly on smartphones.

  • Yes. In addition to computers, our courses are designed to function on iPads and Android tablets.

  • You’re excited to be enrolling in one of our online courses but don’t know what to expect…don’t worry, you are already a successful online learner if you are:

    • Able to share your educational and work-related experiences as part of the learning process
    • Comfortable communicating in discussions, using critical thinking skills, and at ease contributing in webinars by speaking up and sharing
    • Used to using computers
    • Self-disciplined and motivated
    • Able to balance this professional development work with the rest of your life and are prepared to dedicate 1 hour per week to your coursework
  • We are pleased to speak to you about bulk purchases. Just email AchieveOnDemand@ounceofprevention.org.