Help Our Youngest Learners Thrive

You can help ensure our most vulnerable children don’t fall further behind due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A child’s earliest years – from birth to age 5 – are the most important when it comes to setting the foundation for a lifetime of learning and success. This window is short, and we can’t get it back once it’s gone.

Just $20/month helps provide more children living in under-resourced communities with quality early learning experiences, helps reach more early childhood educators with training, and helps ensure our country’s policies are putting families first.

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Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Over the past several months, both the strengths and shortcomings of systems and supports for young children and families in the US have been illuminated. While strength and innovation have shown through, we‘ve also seen the harsh realities of the families we serve.

As a leader in early childhood development, the Ounce is committed to ensuring that early childhood professionals, who continue to be on the front lines of this pandemic, and families across the nation have the resources and tool they need to weather this unpredictable storm.

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Supporting Early Childhood Professionals

Our early learning experts are helping leaders restructure their approach for the evolving COVID-19 environment. Learn about our training and professional learning experiences to help you retool and reach families during uncertain times.

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News & Updates

Notice of data event

This past fall (2019), the Ounce became aware of unusual activity involving certain employee email accounts and immediately began an investigation with the assistance of third-party forensic investigators.

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The Ounce stands in solidarity with the Black community

We are committed to making sure our youngest learners have the best chances in life, we stand in solidarity with those peacefully protesting the historical trauma, institutional racism, and police brutality that is rampant in major U.S. cities.

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Building early learning communities

Learn how the Ounce and our partners are coming together to connect the early childhood field and push for system evolution through the Early Childhood Connector.

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