Change the First Five Years, Change Everything

There are 5.5 million young children living in poverty in America and the majority don’t have access to high-quality early learning experiences that could dramatically improve their future. The first five years of a child’s life are critical for setting the foundations for lifelong health, learning and success. Together, we change the course for our youngest learners.

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Learn about our training and professional learning experiences, based on decades of experience and expertise in the Early Childhood Education sector. Our cutting-edge offerings, which include both in-person and online options, have been validated by comprehensive research, and are designed for ECE leaders, teachers, and home visiting professionals across the U.S. By supporting teachers and early childhood practitioners, we can positively impact our nation’s children. Get started on your professional development journey today.

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Why intervene early?

A child’s earliest years lay the foundation for future success in school and in life. To truly appreciate why this time of life is so crucial, it helps to understand a bit about brain science and development.

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A passion for helping children learn, play and discover

Meet Annaliese, a teacher at the Ounce’s birth-to-five school Educare Chicago, who has dedicated her life to helping her students learn, play and discover the world around them.

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Policy changes across the US

View our Legislative Summary, which shares policy changes led by our Illinois Policy Team and our National Policy Team's State Policy Update Report, which provides a snapshot of policy changes across 33 states.

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