Who are we? We are life changers.  Pioneers.  Architects of the future. Driven to unleash the power of human potential. True champions of children. We are passionate and persistent.  Uncompromising in our pursuit of better education, better opportunities, and a better chance for every child in America. We are inspired and encouraged by the power and promise of the very young. Confident in their ability to learn and grow. We are believers in “what if” and “why not.” The ones who celebrate possibility and potential.  Determined to raise awareness, hopes and expectations. We are helpful, human and caring.  Connectors and partners. Supporters of open doors, open hearts and open minds. We are sociologists, leaders and teachers.  Grounded in research.  Armed with truth…truth that learning begins at birth. And if we start early, we create confidence, curiosity and lifelong learners. If we start early, we set the course for change.  And change is progress. Progress is essential. Change the first five years, and you change everything.  Who are we? We are investors in the future of every son, daughter, family and community.  The dreams are real.  The potential is endless. The investment is priceless. Start early, and we inspire a future where anything is possible. We are the Ounce.