Ready to Learn

Resources and tips to help your children prepare for a life of learning

7 Books for Teaching Young Children how to be Great Leadersnavigateright

Here are some books that will help young children build the traits and skills that will set them on the path to becoming courageous, compassionate and positive leaders.

Parenting Starts Even Before Your Baby is Bornnavigateright

Four tips to help you create a healthy prenatal environment to give your baby the best start.

Moments Lead to Greatnessnavigateright

Moments build relationships, relationships fuel kid’s development and growth. Tips to make them matter.

Building the Foundation for Healthy Relationshipsnavigateright

Five easy tips to help teach your child to be kind and attentive to his own feelings and the feelings of others.

New School, New Classroom, New Emotions: Help Your Child Copenavigateright

Here are four simple ways you can integrate learning about emotions into your day-to-day life.

The Importance of Starting Earlynavigateright

Babies are born learning. The development that occurs in the first days, months and years of a child’s life shape her future—make them count!

Find an Early Learning Program in Illinoisnavigateright

Give your child the best start with a high-quality early learning program

Preparing Infants and Toddlers for New Child Care Settingsnavigateright

Some advice from Ounce and Educare Chicago experts on how you can prepare your infant or toddler for her new environment

Ready for Preschoolnavigateright

12 tips to prepare your 3- or 4-year-old child

Ready for Kindergartennavigateright

10 tips to prepare for the big day

Early Literacy Tipsnavigateright

Reading together is one of the best gifts you can give to a child. Check out our early literacy tips to learn how to help your child develop a habit of reading.

Reading About Schoolnavigateright

12 books recommended for kindergarteners and preschoolers

Coping with Separation Anxiety in Childrennavigateright

Tips for both parents and teachers

Friday Factsnavigateright

Every week via our social media accounts, the Ounce posts #FridayFact images. You can see the entire series on our Pinterest board.